Saturday, July 11, 2009

got hibachi?

This afternoon I cleaned out the 'fridge and we took it all and the hibachi to the beach, Bob and I.

Nothing fancy, basic grub. Just using up what's in the larder, adding a little imagination and plenty of love.

We had one potato left, half an onion, a jalapeno, some garlic. Sliced 'em all up, tossed the mixture in olive oil, added salt and pepper, divided into two and wrapped in aluminum foil packets. We used to make this in Girl Scouts, only we added some ground beef and cut up carrots and called it "camper's stew." Loved it then, love it now. If you cook it and eat it indoors, it's pretty average. Needs the spice of fresh air and the excitement of night falling to bring it alive.

Had some frozen hamburger patties to be finished off, and luckily, two buns. A tasty Braeburn apple and some Swiss cheese. Poured our wine into two empty Vitamin Water bottles, just in case the Beach Wine Nazis were out...

We watched a group of teenagers throw a Frisbee and run races across the sand. Showing off for each other, they were oblivious to us. We were like two birds on a wire to them.

The air was warm and smelled like kiawe trees.

After dark a family came with a lantern and a bucket, digging for sand crabs. Their voices against the backdrop of shushing waves, an old, familiar song.

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  1. You definitely know how to live! And I remember that stew from Girl Scouts.