Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pot luck soup

I'm making soup on this snowy evening, out of left-overs and things I have on hand. I want to pass along to my children and grandchilden the craft of making-do.  You'll have to use your own left-overs and imagination to create your own pot luck potage, but maybe this will give you some ideas.

Using a splash of olive oil. I sauteed some chopped onions left over from last week's book release party (originally chopped up as a topping for chili, and the left-overs stored in the refrigerator in a baggie.)

Added some crushed garlic.

Had a handful of baby carrots in the vegetable drawer.  Chopped these up in the food processor and added them to the pot. 

Added a can of pumpkin

Salt and pepper

Had half a can of chicken broth in the refrigerator,  so I added it in the pot.

I didn't want to open a new can of broth, so I just added some water, not too much.  Can use a bit of cream or half & half for richness, but not necessary.

Next, I'll fry up some bacon, and crumble it for a topping. 

Top with grated parmesan and/or gruyere cheese.

We'll eat this tonight with a salad and left-over pizza. 

What are YOU having for dinner tongight?

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