Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrity Chefs!

Sometimes, when it's snowing outside and I'm writing furiously on my novel, I cheat.  Tonight, it's Stouffer's meatloaf in gravy; I had it in the freezer.

Bobo Leonard occasionally used Aunt Stouffer's frozen meals; a trusted brand in our family.

And to go with the meatloaf, Bob Evans mashed potatoes!!  How good is that?! 

   Now, to find a vegetable.. I always have carrots on hand.  They never go bad, have you ever known a carrot to go bad?  They might shrivel up and look anemic, but they don't go bad.  So I parboiled the rest of the carrots, sauted them in butter and dill, opened a bottle of wine -- and dinner is served!

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