Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little bit of Paris on the old North Side...

Cousin Kay being in Denver on business, Bob and I, Matt and Holly met her for dinner, back in my old 'hood. Anh told me about this this French-inspired brasserie right around the corner from the house on Vrain Street. My, how the neighborhood is changing!

Brasserie Felix has a nice little bistro menu, and great service. Bob gave the French Onion Soup two thumbs up and the Sole Meniere one thumb. I had "moules et frites" and a beet salad and gave it all two thumbs up. Good prices on interesting vin d'ordinaire. I sipped OToo, a Sauvignon Blanc on special.

I liked Brasserie Felix because it isn't super trendy, all jammed with people you just want to smack. Actually, it was rather quiet, with real people having real meals; just like France!

I love these people, I love my old neighborhood, I love the new neighborhood, and I love France. A couple of glasses of good wine will bring out these feelings (if you're a happy drunk, like I am.)


  1. I can't even picture it. Is it on 38th and Vrain? Matt and Holly look great!

  2. It's on 39th and Tennyson, just across from what used to be the Circle K, just catty-corner from Flescher Hinton music store. What a trip!