Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ramen rules!

Kids love ramen! You can fancy it up by adding shredded cooked chicken, green onions, peas, hard-boiled eggs, whatevahs. Although true ramen connoisseurs will pick all that stuff out, throw it to the dog, and slurp down the noodles and broth.

In leaner years I once lived for a month on ramen and homemade sopapillas. (Talk about your multi-cultural mixed metaphor!) Then times got better. I got a better paying job. Then I met Bob...

Then the grandkids came along and I rediscovered ramen. I remember my grandfather, Bebop Collison, laughing as I slurped long spaghetti noodles at my grandparents' table on 6th Street.

Now who's laughing?

1 comment:

  1. I actually just finished off a bowl of ramen noodles as an "after dinner" snack. How coincident is that? I could be a millionaire and would still eat ramens.