Sunday, May 24, 2009

hungry sunday morning, what to make?

Finding 4 eggs in the 'fridge, and some scraps of baby spinach leaves, I reach for my favorite staple -- sun dried tomatoes, julienne cut, in olive oil -- mix a few in, sprinkle some basil-tomato feta cheese crumbles I find in the cheese drawer, nuke this for 30 seconds to wilt the spinach and soften the cheese; this mixture I then put on the 4-egg omelet before folding it, and adding some more crumbles of feta on top, covering with lid to melt while the bread toasts. Meanwhile I run outside to clip some fragrant white blossoms for our table. In the process I get showered with petals and water from the rain shower earlier this morning. A refreshing bird bath!

(It was my younger cousin Jim Sterling who showed me how to make a proper omelet, the summer of 1983(?) when he came out west to Denver and stayed with kids and I on Vrain Street...)

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