Sunday, May 31, 2009

Salmon is fine, but sticky rice is da bess!

Mindy brought a nice piece of salmon down to Art and Rose’s where I had been watching FIVE grandkids for a couple of hours. (It didn’t sound too hard when it was first proposed.) She thoughtfully brought a bottle of wine, a pinot grigio, I think, and some cheese and bread for starters.

We cracked the wine while Mindy rubbed the pretty pink salmon with butter and sprinkling it with sea salt before searing in a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil. So, so good on a late spring evening.

A pot of sticky rice and some mixed greens completed our al fresco meal.

As you can see, Bralen is all over the rice, eating it right out of the pot while cousin Mason checks to see if the coast is clear before delving in.

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